Game on (useful links)

This entry contains links that I will try to evaluate very soon. They promise easy adoptions for uninitiated users.

To start the session we were asked to play a Guesstimator game which is based on the Census reporter api. And the code is free on github for us to use and change for other cities.


  • Gender balance neutral
  • 80% of App Store revenue is games
  • 1/2 of app downloads are games.
  • “Games right now are like early photographs” ~RSM.

Ever since my News21 experience, I’ve been interested in gamification of news. In 2009 I recall proposing our whole fellowship could center on that — it is good for storytelling and for business. In this ona14 session, the premise seems to be that gamification has a bad connotation in our circles but shouldn’t.

“Games create an engagement environment on site” ~Sisi

This panel argues: Popular quizzes, a la Buzzfeed or even our national team’s own experiments can be extremely popular examples of gamification that works for both the audience and the organization. Games are non-traditional presentations, but isn’t that what we’re looking for after all?

The panel suggested other terms that might avoid the ugliness of the word “gamification,” like Serious game” or “topical game.”

Examples (I’ll have to find the links for these later)

RSM “A lot of these games they feed you information that relates to the real world”

When developing a game, be willing to throw out the ideas that turn out to be bad. “Stop brainstorming and start prototyping,”they say.

Suggests “paper prototyping” to get people to play a rudimentary version and see what works. The iterative process. “Every time you change one rule, test it again”

Session Cheat sheet includes info on Twine, recommended starting platform.


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