Make something they’ll watch

The Web Video session Thursday was interesting but not very directly suited to local newsrooms — all of the examples required some substantial (from my perspective) resources.

I’ll need to go back into this later to add links for the examples

Bill Smee @billsmee working at nbc news on new breed of digital video.
1. “30 seconds to Know” example about super moon. Timer gimmick and text on screen and clean look. “We take the view that it’s kind of experimental theater.”
2. “Show me.” Animated explainer series.
3. Also emphasis on archives with “Flashback” series. Tienammen square example.

“Given all the technology… It’s astonishing to me what we can do for a relatively modest price point”

Drake Martinet VICE News @withdrake (cofounder of now this news)
Vice news launched 7 months ago and is fastest growing thing that company has ever done
1. Opening example is not a real example, it is a resume reel. Accent on international documentary film makers. A lot of production value.
2. #vicenews explainer commercial
Says there is a “maniacal focus on the story at vice news”
Length is dictated by the story
“We can publish at any length we want. The format fits the story, not the other way around”

Both Bill and Drake have discussed departing from TV graphics. Saying lower thirds, for example, may need to change to suit the screens.

Latoya Peterson, al jazera, @latoyapeterson
1. Plays “shit girls say” example
2. Smutty dance example
Says we are also now in age of “micro video” like Vine (or 5second film)
Suggests: spend a lot of time figuring out what people are doing
Steal this from TV: script to your visuals
Steal this from the web: everything will break by next year


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