Quotes from opening keynote of ONA 14

From the welcome speeches:

Meredith Artley, CNN on net neutrality: “there are some issues that make the difference between being silenced and being heard”
“If you’re not a digital journalist, now, you’re in the minority”

From panel discussion on Ferguson, Mo:

Wesley Lowry WaPo, detained in ferguson, “I don’t ever go to my job and expect to get my rights violated”
“the story isn’t even about Michael brown any more, this is a deeper story”
“The whole arc of ferguson, the power of it, is about video” WL says that is one of the reasons the story went national.
“To this day the police have not out forth a narrative of what actually happened”
“Our broad goal should be to shine the light in dark places”

Trymaine Lee, MSNBC, “There’s a clear difference in the way black or brown people die in America”
“He was armed with his blackness”
“if everything keeps calm on the streets, interest dwindles” expresses “fear that we are going to miss the heart of the story”

Claire Ward, VICE News
“If everyone is chasing the one guy getting arrested, turn around and see what’s behind you.”
on feedback from local viewers “I was struck with a sense of responsibility and urgency to do my job well”
“we’re and ecosystem of media here… As someone who covers stories around the world, I’m still listening”
“editing is manipulation, everybody does it”



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