Words of advice for news startups (standout)

Something to look for: a book called “The Startup Newsroom” will be free through Tow Center.
Another thing to look for: MB and Ls Announce new project called EbolaDeeply “we felt that Ebola had a crisis of information”

Melissa Bell, Vox
” take inspiration from the hacker ideal”
fast failure, “you have to be able to fail with ideas because you use so much from the failure”
“Every time you go out to hire a person you need to think about the macro makeup of your newsroom”

Lara Setrakian, News Deeply
Instead of ux (user experience) @lara suggests ex (editorial experience)
“It takes us two hours to build a new deeply, it is my obsession with editorial quality control that makes it a 2-3 week thing”
“The next generation of startup newsrooms shouldn’t have to labor through the same 40 things in the same way”
“The emphasis is always on the latest but that leaves out this huge characteristic of the web- that it never dies”
“Focusing on that one mission has helped us cut through” warns about being “taken over by too many objectives”
“There are no set answers right now” MB says in response to question about what format new news should take. “We really try hard to constantly experiment and try different tactics.”
“Let the reporters play. Let the practitioners into the process”
“I’m furious with the prospect of just in time journalism”

Kara Swisher, Recode
“It’s so well worth it rather than sitting in a newsroom where you’re slowly dying”
“I just didn’t want to work for anybody”
“You have a lot more choices than you think and you should take a whole lot more risk”


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