After the conference

Summary of my takeaways


  1. Many strong, admirable female leaders
  2. Big accent on startups, then the national outlets. Very little for locals.
  3. Fewer direct how-tos, more philosophy

Tools to try:

  1. Aggregator Apps: Nuzzle, Reverb and Banjo
  2. Data security: PGP email, Confide app, Versapp

Exercises to try, design thinking warmups:

  1. Hexagonal design thinking
  2. Draw a map, then without shapes or text

Ideas for ONA local:

  1. Hold events on a more consistent basis (successful groups in DC and NY are monthly)
  2. 2 sticker social – one sticker for what you can help with and one for what you need help with
  3. Network to find additional speaker
  4. Find a place to hold consistent social events, either as a meeting or after a meeting

Phil’s personal goals:

  1. Short, scripted videos with inspiration from Emily Grasile
  2. Find opportunities for both small and large visualization projects
  3. Try games tools like the GitHub from the Guesstimator or Twine

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