“The sage on the stage is over” – the Yogi Berra of journalism

Starts with design thinking activity, drawing the person next to you.

“We believe that everyone is creative, and wildly so. And artistic ability is only one aspect of creativity.” justin

@heatherchaplin 3 interesting things about why to bring design into journalism:

  1. Pragmatic view of complex communication systems – designers are good at thinking of dynamic parts of a whole
  2. Creative idea- how to engage people?
  3. Good designers start with “who am I designing for and why”

@jferrell03 started as newspaper designer, transitioned into digital. “I didn’t really think of it as product design, but that is what it was”

He was told by NYT mentor that Print design fundamentally about guided narrative, while web design is about behavior- design to allow people to go where they want to go

Justin “Because we have different ways of seeing the problem, we have a much higher likelihood to reach a solution”

Heather says her students need to be able to say “I’m good at this, how do I find someone who is good at another thing?”

Justin “Design thinking is meant to be a way of working” and not a singular exercise. “It’s not about what we put into you, but about want to scrape other behaviors off”

“We’ve transitioned into an era of transition”

Justin puts innovators before innovation

Both say “the sage on the stage is over”