Dimetrodon is not a dinosaur

Emily Grasile produces The Brain Scoop, short educational videos, for The Field Museum. She has an abundance of personality, and it is clear that is a key to her success in her niche — along with being a very clear speaker.

“I’m very hopeful about the future of online video, and that’s why I believe in what I’m doing.”

Shares these guidelines for short videos:

  1. Good host
  2. Good editing
  3. Good script (fun, quick pace, targeted audience)

If there is one lesson from this, it appears that the people behind the video are more important than the goal of creating video. Emily is passionate about her topics and the educational mission, which fuels her energy and personality, which makes her video entertaining and relatable.

Perhaps that is not a major epiphany, but it is an important reminder to a manager looking to spur video creation.